‘One Night of Fear’ Now Out on Amazon Prime

‘One Night of Fear’ Now Out on Amazon Prime

The enigmatic Ocala National Forest in Central Florida is the inspiration for the Brian Troxell directed (co-written with Johnna Troxell), One Night of Fear. Ocala, as it goes, has seen its fair share of disappearances among unfortunate hikers and campers who seek nothing but adventure and enjoyment of the great outdoors. In One Night of Fear, a group of friends, out for a hike, are met by a vicious long haired, machete wielding maniac who is out for blood.

The film stars Jimmy Dempster (Devious MaidsSwamp Murders, The Last One) as Rob; Jessica Sonneborn (The Haunting Of Alice DDog Eat DogBloody Bloody Bible Camp) as Katie; Suzi Lorraine (Bleeding HeartsThe Streets Run Red) as Jaclyn; and Jason Sutton (Finding EdenThe Breaking Point) as the killer.

Unfortunately for the group what was supposed to be a fun weekend is soon spoiled by the blood soaked hand of an imposing and menacing backwoods killer (Sutton). It all starts with Jaclyn (Lorraine) witnessing the death of her boyfriend Pete, by way of decapitation. Running for her life she runs into her smooching friends Rob (Dempster) and Katie (Sonneborn). Once they realize that the killer is hot on Jaclyn’s trail and flee the scene they stumble upon a vacant luxury cabin where they hide-out, unknowingly setting off the silent alarm, and alerting park ranger Elmer (Russ Forga).

Once the remaining trio explains to Elmer what is going on, the killer rears its head and now Elmer is trapped in the cabin with them as well. With no form of outside communication and seemingly trapped, they must use their wits to figure a way out while the killer stalks the cabin waiting for one of them to exit their tenuous haven so he can do what he does best.

One Night of Fear is a low-budget production made for fans of the slasher film. It features the common tropes one would expect from the genre with the added bonus that the events are inspired by real disappearances in the Ocala National Forest. The film features some nice, and bloody, special effects and with its brief running time (at 79 minutes) is a breeze to watch.

The film is now available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video. Check out One Night of Fear‘s trailer below.