Review: ‘They Are Mine!,’ A Special Kind of Terrifying

They Are Mine! tells the story of Michael and his gang of friends who are underachieving students at a local high school in the habit of making trouble. After their latest stunt gets them suspended from school for an entire week, they decide to spend the time together and make the most of it. On the very first night, Michael is at a grocery store when he witnesses what he thinks is a kidnapping. Not wanting to cause more trouble he and his friend leave the scene and assume it was nothing significant. Later that week, they find the car abandoned in the forest. Michael, driven to know the nature of what he saw sets out with his friends into the forest to find the car’s owner. What they find won’t soon be forgotten.

Written and Directed by Michael James Hull, They Are Mine! is a special kind of terrifying. The nature of the threat the students face goes unidentified for most of the film, and the ambiguity of the situation gives rise to all manner of theory, each more terrifying than the last. It will have you afraid to guess until the very end, and even then you won’t be sure who to trust. This deep sense of dread, equal parts vague and unmistakable, is heightened by the intense and at times shrill sound design, as well as an eerie soundtrack. The film also contains several praiseworthy acting performances, Jade Schuyler and Shaw Schuyler’s being the most hair-raising.

They Are Mine! stars Ben Gutman (Sam), Tim Nastar (Michael), Jeff Kelly (John), Phoebe Schrafft (Trixie), Sophia Phillips (Emily), Jade Schuyler (Mommy), and Shaw Schuyler (Son). They Are Mine! was edited by Michael James Hull, and the Director of Photography was Brandon Detraglia. The music for They Are Mine! was written and composed by Michael James Hull, and performed by Michael James Hull, Phoebe Schrafft, and Nina Lanctot

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