Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Pandorica’ Out Now

The science-fiction action thriller, Pandorica, from writer and director Tom Paton is out now (as of October 11) in theaters, as well as DVD and video on demand. Described as “John Carpenter meets Predator,” Pandorica is a lo-fi science fiction film of the utmost creativity set to a dystopian world reduced to bare bones naturalistic tenets, where survival of the fittest is the only chance anyone has of staying alive.

The official film synopsis reads as follows:

Pandorica is set in a world that’s plunged into a new dark age where humanity devolves into a vicious, primal state. A trio of youths, Eiren, Ares and Thade, have been selected to take part in the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe, with the winner claiming the tribe for themselves. They must battle dark and mysterious forces if one of them is to win, but not everyone is worthy of becoming a leader, and the trio soon learn that fighting each other may be the only path to victory.”

Less about flashy and impressive CG, Pandorica takes the thematic high road when dealing with the post-apocalypse. Focusing solely on the human dynamic, the film makes a point for humanity stripped away from all its distractions and technology. What results is a future that recalls our ancestral past of factionalization, class distinction, power struggles, and natural survival. Pandorica is stylish and a visionary accomplishment from writer and director Tom Paton, who has an eye for minimalist visuals, as well as a keen sense for subtle thematic resonance.

The film stars Jade Hobday, Adam Bond, Ahmed Hashimi, Marc Zammit and Bentley Kalu and is written and directed by newcomer Tom Paton, in his feature film debut. Pandorica boasts a phenomenal score, that juxtaposes the lo-fi science fiction aspect of the film, by The Prototypes. At times minimalist, The Prototypes’s music elevates into complex techno arrangements, serving as anachronism in the film’s world where digital tech is no longer a part of our humanity.

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Pandorica hits VOD on the following platforms: YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Google Play. The DVD will be available through Barnes & NobleAmazon, and Best Buy. Amazon Prime members can enjoy the movie for free through their membership. Check out the film’s trailer below.