Review: ‘Wink’ Will Change How You Look at Emojis

Review: ‘Wink’ Will Change How You Look at Emojis

Horror short, Wink, from Space Oddity Films, is an adorable three minutes of terror and violence. The film company makes films which “explore technology’s impact on culture and how that relationship will shape our future,” and a horror short featuring a murderous emoji definitely fits that outline perfectly.

From the opening seconds, which feature a text exchange between the short’s unnamed lead, played by Danielle Victoria, there’s a sense of cuteness. The lead is “giving out candy,” which has her unnamed paramour asking if they can “come over?” The double-entendre gives rise to a giggle, and the next thing one knows, the doorbell is ringing, and things get a little bloody.

What makes Wink work is that, despite it being just three minutes’ duration, it’s just as funny as it is violent. As stated, it’s pretty cute. One can’t exactly use emoji as a villain without there being a certain sense of “aww” about things, but director and co-writer Alex J. Mann manages to go from giggles to gore in seconds.

The emojis, which change from smile to screaming to stabbing, are absolutely adorable until Victoria’s leaving a smeared bloody handprint on the bedroom mirror, and one wonders whether anyone could be safe from something which easily sneaks in via the peephole such as the stabby smiley did.

Wink’s a clever enough commentary on modern technology and the obsession with it. Despite the violence and amusement in Wink, one wishes that there were more to the little film. Honestly, if nothing else, the concept begs for more to be seen, although it’s readily evident that further explication would only spoil the fun. There’s no need to know why these emoji are all stabby, allowing the short amount of time to create a wonderfully fun little flick.

Despite all that, Wink is fun and clever, and given its brevity, the film’s destined to amuse more than a few parties come Halloween.It’s bound to be a holiday favorite for those in the know.

It’s the perfect length for gathering round the screen of someone’s phone and having good giggle and gasp while heading out for drinks.

For more information on Space Oddity Films check out their official website and Facebook Page. Watch the short before it disappears!