Are You A Morning Zombie? Try These Zombie Mugs From Turkey Merck

Are You A Morning Zombie? Try These Zombie Mugs From Turkey Merck

If you are anything like the writing staff here at WAIH, then the morning cup of tea or coffee is a morning ritual not to be taken lightly. That first cup of caffeine of the day can really determine just how easy or hard the day will be. If you need that extra kick of personality with that morning drink, then look no further than artist Kevin “Turkey” Merck and his incredibly detailed zombie mugs.

These mugs have recently found their way into the internet spotlight with their incredible attention to detail. The mugs, affectionately called Slow Joe, are the perfect way to start the day without wasting energy killing any real zombies. The mugs are hand made by Merck as stated on his website.

Each mug is made of stoneware, coated in a food-safe glaze and fired to 2200 (F) degrees to ensure it is completely functional, durable and safe to drink from.

All cast mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Joe can handle 13oz of your favorite morning brew.

NOTE: Although each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, we highly recommend gently hand-washing your mug after use.

Merck has limited space to make these mugs, with only 60 available at a time. This leads to a constant message of “Sold Out” on the Turkey Merck website. These hand made functioning works of art do come with a hefty price tag of $220 (US), but that is the price for perfection. These artisan mugs have an outstanding level of detail and realistic finish makes them worth every penny. The fact that they are constantly unavailable means the price is not too high to be unattainable.

The Slow Joe mug is currently unavailable until February 9th, where they are set to once again be available to the public. Each mug is made to order with free shipping within the domestic US, but Merck sends his mugs across the globe.

For more information, or to try and snag a Slow Joe mug for yourself, go to the Turkey Merck website below, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.