“The Anguished Man” Painting Comes To Life

Alongside the incredibly haunted story of the Annabelle Doll sits a mysterious and just as haunted painting. The Anguished Man was painted by an unknown artist who supposedly committed suicide soon after finishing the painting, mixing his own blood into the paint. The particular haunted item was brought to light by a man named Sean Robinson who inherited it from grandmother. She was holding it in her attic for about twenty-five years. Sean’s grandmother claimed to always have a sinister feeling towards the painting. Voices and crying were heard when ever the painting was displayed. Even accounts of a shadowy figure of a man in her house have been recorded, hence the lock away in the attic.

Eventually Sean had possession of the painting and when placed inside his home, his family experienced similar creepy phenomenon. His son was pushed down the stairs, wife felt something stroking her hair, and they all saw the shadow man while hearing the crying. Being in today’s world, Robinson decided to set up cameras in his house overnight to capture the strange events. He posted videos on YouTube (one which you can find below) of slamming doors, rising smoke, and the painting falling for no reason.

With the painting locked away in his cellar, it cannot disturb anyone… right? Well thanks to LaBrea Pictures the story of The Anguished Man will be coming to life shortly. The script has been completed and they have attached female American-Finnish director Tii Ricks who is most well known for her 2015 slasher flick Rage: Midsummer’s EveRicks has won several awards for her work as a director and editor in Finland. Anguished will be her third feature and owner of the painting has been pulled on as an Associate Producer for the film.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring the story of The Anguished Man on the screen, Ricks said. “There is something really intriguing about haunted items and especially haunted paintings – they really appeal to our biggest fears and imagination”.

Stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror as the film continues to get completed. We will keep you up to date as best as possible on all things The Anguished Man