Check Out These Amazing Pictures OF The Bride Of Frankenstein By Horrify Me

The good people at Horrify Me have been killing it lately with their incredible recreations of classic horror characters. Beginning with their George Romero to their Lady Pinhead, and their latest creation is simply perfection.

Based out of Kent, UK, the award winning team has gone all out for their latest work, calling it the most iconic character so far, and they are right. The Bride of Frankenstein has been synonymous with horror since her first film back in 1935. Now she is once again back from the grave in this beautifully shot photo shoot, approached with “very specific casting, makeup and of course beautiful vintage Hollywood lighting.

This was approached almost like a dark beauty shoot, but of course, being the work of Horrify Me, the buckets of blood were never too far way. The team just couldn’t resist a bit of gore in a few of the shots, showing the Bride either being disassembled or put together (whichever you prefer).

The model in the pictures is Georgia Norton, a newcomer to the modeling world, but it is clear that she is someone to keep an eye one. Hair and make-up were done by Georgia Norton and Claire Jones, with the incomparable head of Horrify Me Rick Jones behind the lens.  It should be noted that the iconic hair in the shoot is in fact Georgia’s real hair, painstakingly molded to have the unmistakable look.

This is the third set of images sent to us by the Horrify Me team, with each set being more admirable. Rick and his team are incredibly talented and creative. Enjoy these stills from the photo shoot, and be sure to go to the Horrify Me website for more great shoots, as well as info on how to book your own shoot. That’s right, You can make your own shoots just like the one pictured in this article.