Need A Last Minute Holiday Gift? Why Not A Skull?

In these last frantic days until the gift giving Superbowl that is Christmas is upon us, finding last minute gift can be difficult. If the giftee happens to be for a horror lover, then it just got a little easier. Jack of the Dust in the Gold Coast, Australia is making some truly incredible art out of skulls.

Andy creates these one of a kind pieces from PVC plastic molds of real skulls. Nine different pieces connect together to ensure maximum detail of the skulls. From there the skulls take all sorts of various designs and themes. From melting skulls, to bonsai skulls, there isn’t much that Jack of the Dust can’t do. For a mere $3,000 AUD ($2,166 USD) you can get a dissected skull of Heisenburg himself, included with free shipping all over the world.

Perhaps the coolest of Andy’s creations is his graveyard themed bonsai skull. This dark toned skull features a mossy cover with s creepy little cemetery right on top. This little guy would look great on the mantle next to pictures of loved ones.

The Graveyard Bonsai Skull runs a mere $399 AUD, or about $287 USD. That is not including the $55 shipping, which is worth it considering the care needed to transport such a delicate piece of art.

Go to the Jack of the Dust website for full details on all of Andy’s Skulls. They most likely will not ship in time for Christmas, but they do make excellent belated gifts, or hold onto it until the next birthday comes around. Either way, these skulls are a much needed accessory to anyone hall of horrors.