Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Welcomes Newest Ghost and Maze

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Welcomes Newest Ghost and Maze

The infamously haunted Queen Mary is just one month away from opening its gates to Dark Harbor, and they’ve just announced some new faces for their terror crew. Dark Harbor will be adding a new maze, called Lullaby, which will take guests on a horrific voyage with the Queen Mary’s youngest soul, Scary Mary. Mary is one of the ships oldest ghosts, stemming from when a little girl drowned in the pool back in 1952. We’ve contacted Dark Harbor, and this is what they have to say about their newest maze:

Mary was a bad seed from birth. Before her death, mysterious tragedies and unexplained occurrences seemed to follow in Mary’s wake.  She isn’t looking for just one playmate; she wants a whole playground of souls to play with in the afterlife.  She can be spotted through out Dark Harbor, but the poolroom of the ship is her playroom. One must proceed through Lullaby with caution, as it may be the last journey through Dark Harbor as a mortal soul.

Dark Harbor will also introduce the new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities that will take guests through an immersive experience into the grotesque world of freaks like never before imagined.  Enjoy a specialty cocktail at the Side Show Bar for an up-close and personal look behind the Side Show curtain and catch an exclusively freaky live Side Show performance.

As always, The Captain and his band of lost souls will be floating around the ship, giving scares and always looking for their next permanent crew member.

Dark Harbor will open on October 1st and run on selected nights through November 1st, with tickets starting at just $20. Tickets range from GA, VIP, you can even spend the night aboard the spirit filled vessel.