‘ZombieCON’ Tie-In Manga and Trailer for Upcoming Film

At this year’s 2016 Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, Big Squid Productions gave us a little sneak peek at upcoming film ZombieCON. The film pits cosplayers against the walking dead and is described as “cosplayers stuck in a zombie apocalypse of anime proportions.” With that brief and concise description of the film, it looks like the filmmakers have all their pop-culture nerd bases covered: zombies, cosplaying, and anime? Count me in.

ZombieCON is directed by Kyle Valle and co-written alongside Manny Luke. Its cast features Manny Luke, Christian Casillas, Erin Áine (Quarantine 2, The Vampire Diaries), also producer and director of marketing for Big Squid, and Jessica Williams. The film is not yet released, however, you can enjoy a tie-in manga that leads into the film,  ZombieCON Chapter 1: Let the Con Begin. You can check out the first chapter now at MewNowTv that is sure to get you pumped for the upcoming film. The manga is a whole lot of fun and captures the vibe and aura of the film’s trailer (which I’m sure carries over to the full-length film).

We are Indie Horror had a chance to check out the trailer at ZombieCON‘s wonderful red carpet booth a few weeks back, and now you can enjoy it as well by checking out the film’s trailer below. ZombieCON looks to be one hell of a ride in what promises to be a fun and future cult film. From the look of things, it seeks to blend the world of anime, horror, pop culture, and comedy in a new yet familiar way that is accessible to anyone, not just cosplayers– but if you think about it, how many cosplaying films are actually out there?

For more information on ZombieCON visit their official website. Also, check them out on social media  on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.