“60 Seconds To Die” Releasing Soon

Horror can arrive to viewers in many different forms, such as feature length films, television series or short formats. As such, there are multiple structures for independent horror filmmakers to express their voices and have their films reach audiences that aren’t just limited to feature length films.  The new anthology series from Alchemy Werks/ Sector 5 Films gives multiple horror filmmakers their chance to terrify viewers in the micro short format with 60 Seconds To Die.

Here’s the official summary:

A year ago a handful of film makers from across the globe were given a challenge: make a short horror film that tells a story in only 60 seconds. The result is now about to be released.

60 Seconds To Die offers a level of accessibility for filmmakers and viewers alike that is not available in a traditional theatrical format. Horror filmmakers were tapped across the globe to create these micro shorts and they will be coming to you soon.

The official trailer was recently released and the scares appear to range from traditional gore, to supernatural horror, to suspense, dread and doom. That’s the beauty of horror: it is in now way a one-size fits all genre. Many forms of horror can satisfy a range of viewers and that’s the experience 60 Seconds To Die promises to deliver. Not to mention, the audience will experience horror from all over the world and voices that cross cultural and geo-political boundaries.

And more good news: the production company is currently seeking submissions for a second and third part of this franchise, so you horror filmmakers out there, you could be a part of future 60 Seconds To Die installments.

You can watch the official trailer here:

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