Scary Endings “Bounce House Of Horror” Is One You Do Not Want To Bounce In

Scary Endings “Bounce House Of Horror” Is One You Do Not Want To Bounce In

It is no secret that We Are Indie Horror are die hard fans of FearMaker Adam J. Yeend‘s monthly horror anthology YouTube series Scary Endings. It is our pleasure to bring you the latest installment in this wacky and incredibly well done series.

The newest addition to their catalog is called Bounce House of Horror. From the title alone you understand that the ride you are about to embark on is going to be crazy. Compared to the last ones, the new micro-short utilizes some awesome CGI effects that really add to the whole surprise of the short. What follows is the official press release sent to us from Scary Endings. Check out all the awesome people involved and more information on Bounce House of Horror after the short below.

Bounce House of Horror!” is the new micro short horror film from SCARY ENDINGS a monthly horror genre anthology webseries on YouTube channel WhereIsTheRoockHammer

Set in a public park during a toddler’s birthday party, a fun day turns into a family’s worst nightmare when a random bounce house lures children, then parents into its seemingly harmless depths. Starring Sarah Scott (‘Soaked in Bleach’, ‘Bones’), Michael Alperin, Betsy Currie and Miles Chandler, “Bounce House of Horror” is the fifth episode in the ten-part first season which has already received critical acclaim from the horror community, with the 4th episode, a Halloween special titled ‘Yummy Meat’, was selected to screen at the 2015 ScreamFest in Los Angeles..

Each SCARY ENDINGS episode is unique story and portrays different types of villains and supernatural entities ranging from the ghosts, boogeyman, a jealous stalker and an angry werewolf trick-or-treater! We can’t tell you what the bounce house will bring to the lineup of villains, but we can tell you that it required heavy digital special effects, provided by Jon Whisman of Pixel GraftJessica Chandler and DJ Summittenhanced by Key Makeup artist, Ericka Cho.

Bounce House of Horror!” is directed by John Fitzpatrick, written by Jessica Chandler and John Fitzpatrick. The producing team is made up of Brian ChandlerJessica ChandlerRyan DillonJohn FitzpatrickSarah Fitzpatrick and Adam J. Yeend, and the series is shot by cinematographer Nicholas Kaat.

If you have missed any of the other Scary Endings please do yourself a favor and watch them all. The talent and fright behind them is real and it is wonderful. Support this indie horror experiment and you will see some incredible work come from this extremely talented team of filmmakers.