Watch The First Episode Of The YouTube Thriller ‘Follow Me’ Now!

The internet is filled with people searching for their fifteen seconds of fame, but what are they willing to do for it? No doubt this question has led to some interesting, often entertaining moments in YouTube history, including some scandalous and malicious content. We Are Indie Horror recently received the first episode of a new YouTube web series which follows a young singer/songwriter on his quest for fame.  Follow Meby Kyle Kutcha recently released the first episode early this month, and it opens the door to several questions.

Follow Me focuses on one young man’s struggle to be noticed by the world and the subsequent darkness that consumes him. The seven-part web series stars Luke Gunn as Zach Mullen, a musician looking for his place in a sea of online voices. When fellow musician Maddie Jacobs (Zoë Lillian) and Zach cross paths, they think making music together could broaden their fan base. But is the music really better together, or is Zach more suited for a solo career?

Episode one premiered on November 1st, with the rest of the season airing on November 21st.  “Even at 25, I feel like a crotchety old man confused by how far some people will go for virtual validation,” says series creator, Kyle Kuchta. Coming off of his horror convention documentary FantasmKuchta teamed up with director of photography Steve Darby to bring the web series to life. “It comes from a place of fear, uncertainty and mistrust.

Watch the first episode now, and be sure to subscribe to Kyle’s YouTube channel to watch more when the rest of the series airs on November 21st. If you are anything like us, you won’t be able to wait until the 21st, but that’s OK, we still have each other, right?