Short Review: “Mute” by A Color Green To Be Released on VHS

An eerie stillness echoes throughout the hollow sea of winter trees. Footsteps, frantic and hurried, rush through the miles of dead leaves. Two sets of breath whisper over the rolling hills: the first, distressed and frenzied; the second, short and steadily focused rage. A girl in an orange coat (Catherine Beckett) is caught and tackled to the ground by a man in a green long-sleeved shirt and a be...[Read More]

Review: “Among The Shadows” From Seraph Films Eyes The Macabre

Ariel has just landed the Vice Presidency of her company. She is a hard working business woman with a plan until she is visited by a shadow-like figure from her childhood nightmares. Now, she must fight for her life or remain in the darkness forever. Ariel (Raquel Houghton) begins to unravel the mysteries of the shadow man with a little help from her BFF (Samantha Rund) and a creepy occult booksto...[Read More]

Carlos Omar de Leon Shorts: ‘KAL – The Clown’ & ‘Killer Date’

We are Indie Horror just got a look at two short films from writer and director Carlos Omar de Leon, titled KAL – The Clown (which you might have seen on the Crypt TV Facebook) and Killer Date, both from 2016. In the first short film, KAL – The Clown, a woman (Noelle Hanson) receives a mysterious package in the middle of the night. If that wasn’t weird enough, inside the box: a marionette clown. A...[Read More]

Scary Endings Just Released Their Most Chilling Episode Yet. Oh, And Don’t Forget A Towel

Given that we’ve gone two whole days this ear without any majorly influential people passing away, it’s safe to say that 2017 is off to a better start than 2016. To add to the great start of 2017, Scary Endings just released their newest episode, and it is their most intensely chilling to date. The Water Rises is a fitting title to the new Scary Endings. It stars Empire’s Kaitlin Doubledayand Scar...[Read More]

Review: “Border Patrol” Short Mixes Mystery, Suspense, and Skill

Out in the woods, isolated miles away from the rest of civilization, lies an outpost guarded by two men. Against an army possessing insatiable bloodlust, they have to protect themselves armed with only binoculars and a rifle. Border Patrol has mystery and suspense coupled with some great cinematic shots. Dee McCullay is a Canadian filmmaker with a magnificent sense of the macabre. McCullay is an a...[Read More]

Review: ‘Trouser Snake,’ Well-Done Parody of 50s Monster Movies

For fans of 2011’s horror-comedy anthology Chillerama, Alex DiVincenzo’s new short, Trouser Snake, will provide a delightful reminder of just how fun a well-done parody of classic genre films can be. DiVincenzo’s Trouser Snake runs just five minutes, but definitely entertains for the entirety of its brief screen time. Taking a tongue-in-cheek view of ‘50s monster movies, this short homage plays mo...[Read More]

Scary Endings Gets In The Holiday Spirit With “Santa Claus Is A Vampire”

The monthly YouTube series Scary Endings is back for season 2 and their second episode falls just around the time of all the holidays. The latest Scary Endings episode is titled “Santa Claus is a Vampire” and before even watching the film, it is a valid question to ask. He sees you when you are sleeping and knows when you are awake. He only comes out at night and has a tedious plan that only allow...[Read More]

Review: Short ‘The Night They Hit Back’ is a Four Year Labor of Love

Given the sheer length of advance work on The Night They Hit Back, it seems like there’s a lot riding on director Jason Thorson’s short — along with his co-producer, Chris Haag, Thorson spent two and a half years in pre-production on The Night They Hit Back, shot it in four days in the summer of 2014, and only just released it. That’s nearly four and a half years of work on a half-hour film. Happi...[Read More]

Review: ‘Puppet’ Short Is Ambitious and Compelling

From PROco PROduction coMPANY, Puppet is the third short film from directing duo DaG (Joseph R. Davis & Brian Gerson). In their latest exploration of the horror genre, with a script by Jeffery Potts, they tackle the ever popular zombie sub-genre. It goes without saying that the genre suffers from over-saturation and seems to be the go-to fixation of indie filmmakers. However, as tenacious film...[Read More]

Review: Short ‘Plague of the Pot Rabbits,’ is Fun Campy Schlock

Plague of the Pot Rabbits is a hilarious film about two friends and business partners named Frank and Eddy, who sell and grow pot. One day they go to a field where they’ve been growing an experimental strain to find that the whole field’s been decimated. They inspect the site to find that the only trace of whatever did the pillaging is a few rabbit droppings that smell like hash. Later on that day...[Read More]

Review: Short Film ‘Hazard’ Will Hack at Your Expectations

The best films are those that place archetypes in familiar situations and then upends what is considered normal within the parameters of a genre and rattles the cage with a variable, that the audience, or the players in the film, don’t see coming. The short film Hazard accomplishes just that. Hazard begins like any slasher film would with an unfortunate victim and his hunter, a masked madman wield...[Read More]

Review: “Vanilla Cake”

Family is everything in most people’s lives. Most families define us, support us, and love us unconditionally. Most people tend to view these as givens, but not all families are this way. Some can be an exhaustive and destructive force in your life, and despite what many might hope at times, you can’t choose your family. And no one wishes they could more than Alex in the short film by Crystal Past...[Read More]