Nigel Barber To Play Titular Role In ‘The Collector’

NineLadiesFilm is getting ready to shoot their latest feature film, the Kafka-inspired The Colletor. Borrowing its name from Marcus Dunstan’s 2009 gruesome slasher, this one appears to be more in line with psychological horror. Read the full press release below.

From the makers of In Limbo and The Telephone, a new film emerges from the mind of the award winning production company NineLadiesFilm

The Collector is an abstract horror film following the convoluted pathway of Elliot who awakes one day in a crowded street destitute and begging for scraps of food. Finding his way to a derelict house he seekes out a primal existence controlled by the powerful human necessity to survive. Casting a belligerent shadow over Elliot is the Collector who by rolls of dice alters the path of our unfortunate hero with every intention of sending him to his doom.

The film is written by Nick John Whittle and Stuart Wheeldon. Scheduled to be shot on location in Oliva, Spain in 2017, the film has already cast Nigel Barber in the role of the Collector.

They have also persuaded indie band Frank to supply a new track for the soundtrack, Way We End. Since  breaking onto the scene just over a couple of years ago they have gone from strength to strength, playing support to Manchester’s Proud Mary, Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays, The Bluetones and Cast

They played their biggest gig to date at Derby Arena a few weeks ago which prompted a 6 Music listener to contact Chris Hawkins on the early show ,who contacted the station to say how much he’d enjoyed the gig at The Arena, including the support bands.

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