Just like the little rat said in Disney’s Ratatouille, “Anyone can cook.” This idea that anyone can create something amazing rings true within the horror community worldwide. We’ve seen stories take shape from all parts of the world, from all types of people. The one thing all these FearMakers have in common is their undying passion for what they do. Whether they write, direct, paint, or make anything else, it is their relentless drive to keep on making art that gives them the power to create amazing worlds. This week we are featuring a FearMaker who will stop at nothing to make sure his projects come out the best they can. Peter Kane is making a name for himself with his production company Wandering Kane Productions

Originally from  Wallsend in North Tyneside in North East of England, Kane grew up loving the films of Sam Raimi, particularly Army of Darkness. “[Sam Raimi] has a good mix of horror and comedy in his films as well as being brilliantly directed.” Also a fan of zombie films, Kane loved the works from horror mastermind George A. Romero. He began making short films in 2004 and with the help of his girlfriend, he managed to learn everything he needed about editing so he could begin making films. Peter Kane’s short films reached several audiences, including two mentions in Total Film Magazine for his films El Geordio and The Bathroom

In September 2013, Peter Kane founded his production company, Wandering Kane Productions, with his production mate Jimmy Hagri. The concept was to make interesting films while hiring local actors and crew from around the North East. They promptly began working on their flagship film, The Gamekeeper. “I never really set out to make horror movies but I was having a look around an estate in Chester Le Street with some old production partners and the guy showing us about said the gamekeeper was knocking about and to be careful as he can shoot on sight – that moment inspired my to write The Gamekeeper

With a script penned by Kane himself, he and his team went out to find someone who would produce his film. After no luck, Jimmy Hagri voiced his willingness to play the titular character of The Gamekeeper. Kane decided to take a leap of faith and make the film himself. Using mostly people Kane had worked with before, and using a Facebook group to cast the rest, he and his team at Wandering Kane set out to make their feature film.

As most filmmakers who set out to make their first feature film, their shoot was filled with learning opportunities. From actors leaving production the day before shooting to audio troubles left the project up in the air as to whether or not principle photography would even be completed. Needless to say, actors were replaced, microphones were purchased and The Gamekeeper was completed. The total budget came out to just £3,000, or roughly $4,270. You can expect a full review from The Menjivar Maniac later this week.

Through thick and thin, The Gamekeeper was finished, screening at several festivals around the United Kingdom, earning it two awards; Best Feature at the Madhouse Movie Film Festival and the Audience Award at the London Digital Film Festival. The film also received a distribution deal with Stacks TV

Peter Kane and his team at Wandering Kane Productions are currently in the midst of shooting their next feature film, Orcus. Originally written as sort of a Reservoir Dogs meets Evil Dead, the script has gone through numerous drafts and has a more serious tone. They are also currently looking for investors to help supplement the budget.

Towards the end of Ratatouille, food critic Anton Ego reveals his own understanding behind “Anyone can cook.” It’s not that anyone who picks up a whisk is a chef, but rather that a good cook can come from anywhere. We believe it to be the same for art. Not everyone can make something great, but the potential for greatness can come from anywhere. Teams like the one Peter Kane brought together are well on their path to greatness, and as long as they keep creating, there will room to grow and extend their creativity until they reach their greatest potential.