‘The Uninvited: Awakening’ 4-D Haunted House Experience Comes to NYC

‘The Uninvited: Awakening’ 4-D Haunted House Experience Comes to NYC

Have you ever wanted to experience activity with the paranormal, but don’t have a paranormal contact? Well, New York, you’re in luck. From September 30th through November 6th, you can experience The Uninvited: Awakening, a 4-D experience in a true haunted house.

Taking place at the Graham Court, guest will experience 30 minutes of heart pounding fear, combining “immersive theatrical storytelling, epic scenic design and state of the art special effects” that will give you more than a few reasons to make this the nightmare you never wanted to be in.

You are invited to roam the halls of purgatory by yourself in a house that includes 45 actors, stunt performers and aerial artists whose sole purpose to get you to scream the most horrible sounds you’ve ever made. You WILL sign a waiver, you WILL be touched, you WILL scream! (If you’re feeling a little yellow, but still want to “experience” this event, you can get a “No-Touch Chicken” ticket for an extra five dollars.)

Think you can handle a run by yourself? An Ultra VIP ticket upgrade will allow you to do so for upwards for 30 minutes. You will get a skeleton key which will give you access to a hidden realm that only your eyes will see, as each door contains a different personalized horror experience that only you yourself can end.

This is the largest production to date by creator, producer and haunt designer Dalton M. Dale, who is known for designing every commercial haunted attraction in New York City, as well as eight of the the industry’s top across the United States.

There are different prices for tickets, depending on whether you buy them at the door or online and whether you’re a student or not, so for tickets and additional information, feel free to visit their website at, www.experiencetheuninvited.com.

Brave the terror of New York’s most immersive haunted house created. Good luck and good hauntings.