‘American Murder Song’ Hit the Road in October

‘American Murder Song’ Hit the Road in October

American Murder Song are going on tour and they’ve released their tour dates, appropriately named the American Wake Tour, emphasizing that “It’s not a funeral, it’s a wake.”

American Murder Song is a collaboration between Terrance Zdunich, actor/writer/composer, who you might recognize from his role as “Graverobber” in Repo! The Genetic Opera (directed by Darren Lynn Bousman), and Saar Hendelman, writer and composer of The Devil’s Carnival. Their collaboration was announced during the Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival tour, another Bousman project.

The musical group composes murder ballads set in 1816 America. Why such a specific year? Well, 1816 is known as “The Year without a Summer,” a weather phenomena that took hold of Europe and North America when inexplicably, at the time, when spring was supposed to give way to the warmth of summer, a blistering cold returned bringing along with it opaque skies and the death of crops that would lead to shortage and famine. It wasn’t until the 20th century when scientists started to link the cause with the eruption of Mount Tambora the year before, causing a disturbance in normal weather patterns.

American Murder Song are not just aural ballads, they are ambitiously accompanied by visual companion’s in a neat multi-media format which are posted on their YouTube channel every week and features the talents of Archenemy’s Alissa White-GluzAurelio Voltaire, and Sara “Chibi” Taylor

Although American Murder Song had its first live show just this year at Steampunk’s World Fair, the American Wake Tour will be their first time taking the murder ballads on the road. Starting on October 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada and ending on November 12th in Los Angeles, California, you can now purchase tickets at the link provided, here. While the shows are mostly GA, there are several tiers of tickets with different perks which range from meet and greets to being included as a part of that nights performance.

Check out the official American Wake Tour trailer below. For more information visit their official website and Facebook page. Be sure to use the hashtag #FollowTheMark on social media to find more info and hidden treats