“Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla” Delivers Delicious Death In May

Independent horror studio, Wild Eye Releasing, who is behind horror films such as the upcoming slasher Bunni and the epic battle of Bigfoot Vs. Zombies are ready to deliver their next tasty treat. In May, the world will see the release of the Australian black comedy horror Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla. Check out this wacky synopsis for a bit of a taste as to what to expect from this sweet treat.

Awkward, lonely ice cream truck driver Warren Thompson has two major problems: an unhealthy obsession with a soap opera actress, and a gang of bullies who like to savagely beat him on a regular basis. As Warren slowly slips out of reality and into a psychotic fantasy world to escape his miserable life, a darker, deadlier Warren emerges to deal with his problems and put an end to his tormentors.

The latest film from director Stuart Simpson follows an abused and obsessive ice cream truck driver as his life causes him to snap, with terrifying consequences for all. All of this sounds like it will lead to a wonderful and fun time for all. The film stars Glen Maynard, Kyrie Capri, and Aston Elliot

The trailer showcases the exact style we should be expecting. It will be intense, creative, and a great mix of dark comedy and gruesome bloody horror. Aussie’s have a long run of phenomenal horror films ranging from Wolf Creek to 1000 Bloody Acres and it looks as if Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla will be joining those ranks. Presented in a unique style with what seems to be incredible acting We Are Indie Horror cannot wait to view this thriller.

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla is currently set for a May 24th release and you can pre-order your copy from Amazon by click the link below. Also be sure to check out the trailer and let us know if you will be checking this aussie film out on May 24?