New Michael Matteo Rossi “Sable” Lands Mysterious Teaser

Last night, a mysterious trailer arrived at our doorstep. Okay you caught us, arrived in our inbox; no one delivers trailer by reel anymore. Anyways, the teaser belongs to the curious and eerie feature Sable. The concept comes from the mind of young director, writer, and producer Michael Matteo Rossi (Misogynist).

Although not much is known about the teaser for Sablewe do feel it is worth the watch. It seems really innocent but with all the correct subtle we are lead to believe something dark and peculiar lies behind the eyes of the angelic maiden. Per IMDB, the synopsis is as follows:

 A young woman’s dreams of moving to Wyoming are halted when her unstable boyfriend accidentally kills a man.

Intriguing? Yes. The film stars  Ayla Kell  Snakehead Swamp),  Patrick Davis From Dusk Til Dawn TV Series), and  Jon Briddell  11/11/11). The group is no stranger to horror.

It should be an interesting journey to see this film. Check out the trailer below. Also take a look at the beautiful poster and always show your support by clicking on the official Facebook page