Lilin’s Brood and the History of the Found Footage Film

The found footage genre continues to be an evanescent force revealing few symptoms of fatigue that most fads, by now, would start exhibiting. But with films like Lilin’s Brood the genre continues to surprise and enliven the genre exploring uncharted themes and subjects while dabbling in crafty methods of execution. Before I go on with Lilin’s Brood, let’s talk about the lengthy process of success ...[Read More]

Review: ‘Little Dead Rotting Hood’ Takes Bite Out of Classic Fairy Tale

From director, Jared Cohn (Hulk Blood Tapes and Buddy Hutchins), Little Dead Rotting Hood, the newest from famed low-budget horror house The Asylum, the ubiquitous masterminds behind the Sharknado franchise, is perhaps one of the coolest fairy-tale updates, and lycan movies I have stumbled upon in quite some time. Being the sucker that I am for ferocious furballs, it is no surprise that I found en...[Read More]

Review: ‘Preternatural’ Delves Into the Found Footage Genre

Hailing from England, Gav Chuckie Steel’sPreternatural is a strange trip of a movie and one that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! This horror-comedy, about a duo of amateur filmmakers that set out to make a film of their own, is an interesting journey into postmodern self-reflexivity, shot like a mockumentary. Possibly fed-up with the tired cliches of the found footage horror genre, Dixon and Gavin (Dixon B...[Read More]

Review: Eerie ‘Phantom of the Woods’ is an Unsettling Experience

Phantom of the Woods is an atmospheric psychological horror film about two teenagers, Jake and Lana (J.R.S. Storch  and Delaney Hathaway, respectively), dealing with adolescence and the pains and nuisance of home life. But things get strange in their quiet small town, with shadowy humanoid figures looming in the forest nearby. These same mysterious figures could be the cause of a recent trend of m...[Read More]

The Short Shack: Universal Dead

We Are Indie Horror would like to welcome Maria Perry to the team. Maria moved to Los Angeles to work for the We Are Indie Horror favorite, Repo! The Genetic Opera where she had her first job in the industry making and shipping merchandise. She also filmed interviews and helped book screenings alongside FearMaker SpookyDan. Since then she has always been a part of horror either as a costume design...[Read More]

Seraph Films Unveils New Plan For Creating Shorts

This weekend Seraph Films announced a new plan to keep creating content. If you are unaware who Seraph is; you should familiarize yourself. Seraph Films is a creative, dynamic independent film production company, driven by our passion for original, meaningful, and frequently quirky films. Located in Los Angeles, the heart of the movie and entertainment industry, Seraph Films strives to make unique...[Read More]

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