Spanish Psychological Horror Film ‘Borderline’ Drops New Trailer

Hell knows no wrath like that of two sisters. Especially two sisters pitted against each other from the start. That is the premise of the latest horror film from Spanish filmmaker Paul Masó, Borderline. Written by Masó and Dolors Coromina, the film revolves around two sisters who try to spread their deceased mother’s ashes on the tenth anniversary of her death. The film was recently completed and ...[Read More]

Goriest and Strangest Trailer of the Year Goes to “KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE”

The Japanese have a knack for filmmaking, especially within the horror genre. Be it ghost films a la Ringu or ridiculous splatterfests such as Tokyo Gore Police, they always seem to scare and disgust in ways not thought imaginable. From the creator of the latter Tokyo Gore Police comes a sequel in which it doesn’t seem the original matters too much. Kodoku: Meatball Machine presents an insane and ...[Read More]

High Octane Pictures Aquires ‘The Veil’ For North American Distribution

Following a frenzied vie for rights at this year’s AFM, High Octane Pictures announced today that it has sold the North American rights for the sci-fi feature The Veil to Vertical Entertainment, who will release the film theatrically in Q2 2017. Starring Latin sensation William Levy (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter), the cast also includes William Moseley (Chronicles of Narnia), Serinda Swan (Gra...[Read More]

‘Bad Kids of Crestview Academy’ Film Adaptation Hits Theaters January

The Breakfast Club has nothing on these kids. There’s nothing better than watching badass kids dressed in their prep school’s finest battling for their lives. A sort-of sequel to Bad Kids Go To Hell, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy hits theaters, DVD, and VOD on January 13th of 2017. Synopsis: Based on the best-selling graphic novel series, a group of spoiled “bad kids” have been placed in Saturday ...[Read More]

‘ZombieCON’ Tie-In Manga and Trailer for Upcoming Film

At this year’s 2016 Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, Big Squid Productions gave us a little sneak peek at upcoming film ZombieCON. The film pits cosplayers against the walking dead and is described as “cosplayers stuck in a zombie apocalypse of anime proportions.” With that brief and concise description of the film, it looks like the filmmakers have all their pop-culture nerd bases covered: zombies, cospl...[Read More]

Supernatural Horror Film ‘Lucifer’ Drops First Trailer

The supernatural horror film Lucifer has just wrapped up production. From Anti-Villain Media and director Tiffany Castro, it has just dropped its first trailer (which you can check out below) and a poster for the upcoming feature. Lucifer stars Jessica Morris, Ryan Kelley, and Dave Vescio. Morris is best known for her work on the film,  Haunting of the Innocent and Kelley for her work on  MTV’s Te...[Read More]

REVIEW: “House of Purgatory” Knows All The Secrets

Halloween has ended. All the haunts are putting their skeletons back in the closet until next September. How do us haunt junkies get our fix during this off season? Well from Terror Films and Watching Eye Productions comes an urban legend tale that is unlike the monster under your bed with House of Purgatory The synopsis for this haunt based film is as follows: Four teenagers go looking for a lege...[Read More]

Nena Eskridge Debut ‘Stray’ Available on Amazon Prime

We are Indie Horror had the chance to check out the drama-thriller Stray the feature film debut of writer and director Nena Eskridge. Stray stars Gabrielle Stone (Speak No Evil), Andrew Sensenig, Sean Patrick Folster, Dan McGlaughlin (Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard) and Samantha Fairfield Walsh Here is the film’s official synopsis: “Stray begins on an idyllic countryside meadow: …Jennifer (G...[Read More]

‘Blood Hunters’ Makes North American Debut

As part of a three-pronged release in October Blood Hunters is finally making its North American debut. The successful and well-received film, which had its World Premiere at Horror Channel Fright Fest in London, is directed by Tricia Lee and written by Corey Brown, and stars Lara Gilchrist, Benjamin Arthur, Torri Higginson, Julian Richings, Mark Taylor, and Peter Blankenstein Here is the synopsis...[Read More]

Freak Show Horror Film Festival Scares Orlando October 21-23

October is quite the season for Horror Film Festivals. No matter where you are on the globe, you can find a film festival featuring plenty of horror films near you. The latest which hits the weekend of October 21 through October 23 is meant for all the freaks who love horror films, like you. The Freak Show Horror Film Festival comes into Orlando, Florida for a weekend filled with amazing selection...[Read More]

Southern Noir ‘The Hollow’ Out on VOD and Theaters

From writer and director Miles Doleac comes The Hollow, a southern noir crime drama about a shady small town in Mississippi where a series of murders plague the religious, and seemingly conservative, town. The film is described as a cross between Twin Peaks and the Coen Brothers’ neo-noir thriller Blood Simple Released by Uncork’d Entertainment the film stars James Callis, from this year’s Bridget...[Read More]

‘Monsters in the Woods’ Returns as a Director’s Cut

Just in time for the Halloween season, 2012’s Monsters in the Woods, is getting an all new makeover. This time, Monsters in the Woods is creeping into the 2016 year with an ultimate rendition of its predecessor. From writer and director Jason Horton, Monsters in the Woods returns as a brand new and shiny Director’s Cut. Released by Gas Money Picture, Monsters in the Woods will feature never-before...[Read More]