Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is Back with More Fun for the Family

Last night We Are Indie Horror was invited to attend the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride black carpet event. The hayride, produced by Ten Thirty One Productions, takes place at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park. Bigger than previous years, there was one more clever maze added and a few other activities for the whole family. Overall it is an evening of wholesome family fun.

The hayride itself is a good time as always. The boogeyman theme for the hayride led to a fun adventure through a child’s nightmares. A tractor with a bed full of hay pulls you through a variety of horrific scenes. Although not too scary it was a fun ride; it is meant for a family night out after all.

As in previous years; the hayride is not the only attraction. This year allowed for 3 innovative mazes to choose from.  The In-BetweenDark Maze is back with a new twist. In-Between is a an actual maze filled with strobe lights for disorientation and your job is to figure your way out. This years twist makes it quite challenging; all maze victims receive a mask and once inside everyone, including the scare actors, are wearing similar masks leaving you with a sense of unease no matter who you bump into. You cannot tell who’s in your group, and who’s out for blood.

House of Shadows is another dark maze, but this time you are given a lantern and set off to find the boogeyman. Torturous scenes play out in each room, and you must complete certain activities in order to move on, creating an extra sense of terror while having to be interactive with the scene.

The third maze, Trick Or Treat is more for the younger crowd. You travel door to door in one of the strangest neighborhoods we’ve ever been in, and you trick or treat. Simple enough right? All the crazy (and slightly intoxicated) neighbors might have some more tricks than treats, but it’s definitely worth a trip around if you’ve got a young one with you.

If you are looking for a good time to spend with the whole family, look no further than the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. If you are on the East coast, be sure to look out for the New York Haunted Hayride in its first year. You can follow the hayride on social media, or go to their website for more information and tickets.